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Cold Weather Socks: warming comfort plus compression Feel good and perform better even in low temperatures: the Cold Weather Socks for men by CEP Sportswear make it possible - with the innovative combination of merino wool and compression. The natural fibre ensures a warm and dry wearing comfort, while the compression activates your muscles. The result: more energy, which gives you the decisive push to achieve your goals in the cold season. Comfortable climate on cold days thanks to merino wool Merino wool is a very special material: the fine natural fibre has excellent insulation properties and the ability to quickly wick moisture away from the skin. But there is still room for improvement - thanks to the addition of high-quality synthetics, which ensure high stability and elasticity. The result is compression socks for men that fit like a second skin and inspire you with a dry and warm feeling. Because who says that ambitious training and high comfort are mutually exclusive? Activating compression for more endurance and faster recovery You want more endurance and faster recovery after training or competition? No problem - thanks to the medi compression of the Cold Weather Socks for men. The highlight is the improved blood circulation, which in turn accelerates the removal of degradation products such as lactate. At the same time, valuable nutrients reach the muscles more quickly. You feel the beneficial effect immediately in the form of lighter legs and more energy. Safer running thanks to stabilised joints and better self-awareness Injuries, such as twisting an ankle, plus a subsequent forced break are every runner's nightmare. This risk is effectively reduced by the compression socks for men: the light pressure of the tight-fitting material stabilises your joints in a deep-sensory way. In addition, your self-awareness, the so-called proprioception, increases. You run more smoothly, confidently and safely. Enjoy your sport in low temperatures: Update your equipment now with the Cold Weather Socks for men by CEP Sportswear!

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Cold Weather Compression Socks Cold Weather Compression Socks

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