Compressport Ergoflask 300 ml

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Depending on the distance between the food stations, the pro trail runners alternate between large and small bottles to ensure that they never carry excess weight. The reduced volume of our small 300 ml water bottle for running makes it perfect for stowing in a freebelt or while travelling - or for weight-conscious trail specialists. The wide opening helps to fill the bottle quickly at the refreshment stations during the race and saves valuable seconds. The flexible material shrinks as the volume of liquid decreases, prevents sloshing and takes up a minimum volume when empty. The quick flow bite valve is intuitive to use and the cap is leak-proof. The comfortable ErgoFlask combines practicality with efficiency and ergonomics in a classic blue design to facilitate hydration. The environmentally friendly and durable bottle is guaranteed 100% PVC and BPA free, so you can safely use, wash and re-use it. Simply put it in the dishwasher and clean it easily when you return home.

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Ergoflask 300 ml Ergoflask 300 ml

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