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THE IDEAL INTRODUCTION TO AFTERSHOKZ BONE-CONDUCTION HEADPHONES THE MOST POWERFUL CHIP Bluetooth 5.0 enables fast and stable connection. wireless range up to 10 meters. STAY ALERT STAY SAFE With OpenMove headphones you can listen to music and listen to your surroundings at the same time. OPEN-EAR COMFORT Enjoy a painless listening experience without feeling anything in or on your ears IMPROVED AUDIO QUALITY Patented 7th Generation Bone-Conduction technology offers superior and dynamic stereo sound. STABLE SEAT OpenMove sits firmly in place and will not won't fall off your head during exercise. 6 hours battery life 10-day standby time Sweat resistant IP55 rated, withstands the heaviest rains and sweat CRISTALLY CLEAR SOUND QUALITY ON CALL. Dual microphone with noise reduction allows for hands-free phone calls. 3 EQ HEARING MODES - Standard mode - Talk mode - Earplug mode MULTI-COUPLING EASY SWITCHING easy switching between connection with PC and cell phone EASY CHARGING USB-C charging port WHAT WILL YOU GET? - OpenMove headphones - USB charging cable - travel bag - User manual (in 12 languages) - earplugs

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