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More than just healthy sitting For more than half a century we have been sitting, exercising and relaxing on the big round exercise balls. Initially only used in medicine, the exercise ball found its way into almost every private household through its use in health insurance prevention programmes and is still very popular today for sport and exercise, therapy and health, leisure and play. Hardly any other piece of exercise equipment is so versatile: the Pezzi ball trains balance and coordination, body perception and posture, relaxation, flexibility and strength. In addition to its outstanding flexibility, the sitting ball convinces young and old with its unbelievably challenging character - it makes every use a round experience. And especially now in the home office, the Sitzball is virtually indispensable in the office. Try it out! Patented safety The ARTZT vitality exercise ball PLUS is characterised by the material flexton silpower. This patented material guarantees safety in the event of punctual damage to the ball: if there is a hole in the ball, it does not burst, but the air escapes slowly and evenly. Safe is safe! Versatile use In addition to therapeutic applications, gymnastic balls are increasingly used in sports and fitness courses such as fit-ball aerobics or core stabilisation. As a training and sitting aid, the ball challenges the entire musculoskeletal system and also the sensory system. As an unstable sitting surface, it trains conditional and coordinative skills, trains the sense of balance in many ways and thus increases safety in everyday life. In therapy, exercise balls are used in all areas of orthopaedics and neurological rehabilitation to train mobility, strength and coordination. They are used for Parkinson's disease, central paralysis, stroke, craniocerebral injuries as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries and tennis elbow. Thanks to different diameters, they are suitable for people of all ages - from foot care to geriatric care as well as aerobics and sports. In short: the exercise balls are true all-rounders for young and old in everyday life, training and therapy! The absolute classic for healthy sitting and moderate balance training ideal for use at home, in the office, during training or in therapy available in four colour-coded sizes (ø 45 - 75 cm) weight: approx. 1.1 kg with a diameter of 65 cm static load capacity up to 500 kg, space-saving up to 90 kg patented material (flexton silpower) offers maximum tested safety free of banned phatalts and heavy metals Recommended body sizes and ball diameters < 145 cm: 45 cm < 155 cm: 55 cm < 175 cm: 65 cm > 175 cm: 75 cm

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ARTZT vitality Gymnastikball Plus ARTZT vitality Gymnastikball Plus

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