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The perfect companion for runners, cyclists and co. Anyone who runs regularly should also ensure adequate strengthening and regeneration of the leg muscles. Because the right pre- and post-training care is just as important as the training itself in order to achieve a lasting increase in performance. The new ARTZT vitality Running Set contains everything you need for the correct preparation and follow-up of your regular endurance training: Two minibands with light and heavy resistance levels to intensify various exercises for the leg muscles, A massage ball to treat deep-seated tension and trigger points, a fin band for use in matters of joint mechanics and tissue balance, as well as the cooling gel Biofreeze for use on tension and sore muscles after exercise. Who is the set suitable for? Anyone who does endurance sports, whether beginner or top athlete, can benefit from the clever fitness and regeneration tools. Of course, this is not only true for runners, but also for cyclists, skiers, swimmers and anyone who wants to improve their performance in endurance sports in the long run.

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ARTZT vitality Running Set ARTZT vitality Running Set

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