Blackroll Blackroll Standard 45 cm

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The successor of the classic in black - now with green details, but with the same features as the classic! The classic BLACKROLL® STANDARD in a length of 45 cm. With the same degree of hardness and thus the same massage effect, the longer roller offers easier and more comfortable use. With this product, BLACKROLL® has responded to the many requests of Pilates instructors and therapists who wanted to offer their patients more contact surface. Hardness and stability as well as the wide range of application from sports to therapy remain unchanged: The BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 fascia roller. Scope of delivery: 1 x BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 black, 1 x BLACKROLL® DVD download card, 1 x BLACKROLL® exercise card. Features: Wider contact surface with proven massage effect 15 cm longer for easier and more comfortable use The BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 is ideal for sports and therapy Possible applications: The BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 is similar in length to a conventional Pilates roller. Accordingly, it is often used in Pilates training. Size and weight: 45 cm x 15 cm, 240 g 'The application possibilities of the BLACKROLL® offer a whole range of advantages. The option to vary the pressure intensity individually by appropriate relief techniques allows a wide therapeutic spectrum. Extensive tests with patients show excellent results.' Dr. biol. hum. Robert Schleip, Director Fascia Research Project, University of Ulm, Germany. BLACKROLL® offers people of all ages and sports levels the opportunity to improve their flexibility, balance, mobility and strength easily and effectively through intensive self-massage and functional training BLACKROLL® is a young, innovative company working with athletes, scientists, doctors and therapists to develop health-promoting products that anyone can use to increase muscle and fascia elasticity and improve well-being. With little effort, everyone can thus make their own active contribution to greater fitness, higher performance and their own health MORE FAR-REACHING BENEFITS: Increasing flexibility, mobility and performance of the musculature prevention of muscle pain and prevention of typical injuries such as muscle damage Targeted regeneration of the muscles Increasing blood circulation Multifunctional use: strengthening and regeneration Improvement of posture through balance work Stimulation of the circulation of nutrient-rich blood for a soothing skin appearance Active contribution to fitness, performance and well-being The BLACKROLL® brand was created in 2007 by Jürgen Dürr. In 2009, BLACKROLL® received the Physiopreis from Thieme Verlag for the 'offer with the greatest benefit for the target group' at the largest physiotherapist congress. In the meantime, BLACKROLL® has established itself on the market and has been able to win many advocates in the field of health, sports and fitness. In the wake of high customer satisfaction, further products were launched in 2012 and in autumn/winter 2013 the BLACKROLL® company was restructured by Jürgen Dürr and in the course of this BLACKROLL AG was founded. As a result, the BLACKROLL® team will be even better positioned in the future to offer customers optimal service in areas such as customer communication and order processing. WHAT ARE FASCIAE? Muscles function because they are essentially held together by a crucial but often overlooked tissue: the fasciae. This connective tissue surrounds and permeates every muscle, bone, nerve and organ. Fascia has a major impact on how we move, our posture, our perception of pain, and the musculature Fascia is the element of the body that myofascial relaxation/self-massage focuses on to prevent hardening in the muscle, promote circulation and improve recovery. The topic of fascia is receiving increasing attention in scientific research and is supported by many physicians and therapists DIVERSE AREAS OF APPLICATION: BLACKROLL® offers people of all ages and sports levels the opportunity to improve their flexibility, balance, mobility and strength. Generally, products are used for exercise at your own risk. BLACKROLL® recommends that you seek advice from a physiotherapist, manual therapist, massage therapist or specialist if you have any doubts and/or more severe pain after self-massage or recurrent injuries The materials used are safe in all respects and have long been widely used in the medical and food industry

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Blackroll Standard 45 cm Blackroll Standard 45 cm

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