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Careful, the backpack era might be over! Developed with and for our athletes, the Freebelt Pro Trailrunning Storage Belt started a mini revolution in spring 2018. Since then it has been spotted at the sharp end of trail races around the globe. A single, ultra-flexible mesh compartment holds all equipment, food and personal items for up to 6 hours in full autonomy, with no bounce-back effect or movement. This includes various ergoflasks, nutrition, phone, baselayer, rain jacket and more. The folded poles can be attached to the storage belt at less technical sections thanks to special silicone loops. With the integrated fastening elements for the start number you never have to worry about safety pins again. The ergonomic, discreet black design and stretchy fabric fits all body types, so the storage belt fits snugly over the hips and allows full freedom of movement for the upper body. If you want to compete in ultra-long distance events, the Freebelt can easily be combined with the Ultrun S Pack, distributing the weight evenly and eliminating the need for larger, heavier packs. So run, ride, climb, ... Carry everything you need with you and feel FREE!

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