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A good feeling for your top performance! The Sports Compression Knee Support is an optimal companion for practically every sport. Thanks to seamless compression, blood circulation is stimulated and your muscles reach their operating temperature faster. Like our other sleeves, the Knee Sleeve provides you with a supporting feeling and still guarantees full freedom of movement. Even in summer, the airy high-tech knit ensures that you don't get too hot and you can focus on achieving your goals. Knee sleeve with high-tech microfiber for better muscle control, optimal fit and breathability during sports The Sports Compression Knee Support promotes depth perception in the knee joint through moderate compression. The Sports Bandage encloses the knee seamlessly, fits snugly against the skin and promotes blood circulation to the surrounding muscles. Movements of the knee can thus be better perceived and the risk of injury minimized. The knitted fabric made of high-tech microfiber forms a fine net of airy stitches: It is breathable and temperature regulating. Comfort zones with reduced compression are incorporated into the knitted fabric at the patella and the hollow of the knee. These relieve the sensitive areas in a targeted manner and the knee can better withstand long periods of stress. Two skin-friendly adhesive zones at the upper and lower edges ensure a secure fit so that the knee support does not slip during sports. At the same time it ensures maximum freedom of movement. The correct size of the Sports Compression Knee Support is determined by the circumference just below the kneecap. The knee support is manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. Material: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane Package contains 1 piece - Moderate compression promotes stability - Reduces the risk of injury - Breathable due to fine mesh of airy meshes - Targeted relief reduces irritation - Durable and pollution free

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Compression Knee Support Compression Knee Support

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