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T1 SPPEDTUBE The Speedtube was invented by Emilio De Soto in 2004. While he loved the bebefits of swimming faster in a full wetsuit, he felt too warm and claustropobic. After careful research and testing on how to achieve wetsuit buoyancy without losing speed, the Speedtube was born. The Speedtube floats the hips without sacrificing torso rotation and the natural stroke motion, resulting in better swimming technique. Perfect for racing, training or a replacement for your swim buoy. Sizing: Please refer to the size chart above for sizing guidance based on gender. If in doubt, email questions to [email protected] The Speedtube and all individual T1 Wetsuit pieces are completely legal under the rules set by ITU, WTC, USAT and all other governing bodies. It can only be worn in races that permit wetsuits. The two-piece design of the T1 Wetsuits offer more comfort and less restriction. Because the top and bottom are not attached, you have much more freedom of movement and there is no “torso-rubber stretch” or shoulder fatigue that occurs with one-piece wetsuits. All T1 models are sold as separates for a more customized and personal fit. With up to seven sizes of tops and bottoms, you have 49 possible size combinations from which to choose. Other features we innovated many years ago include lower necklines and thicker rubber in the legs and hips to help float the largest bones and muscles in the body. More floatation here means more speed. T1 Wetsuits are not filled with gimmicks, just physics. New Features: • Less-toxic bonding agent for people with skin sensitives. Favorite Features Remain: • 5-panel contour design for an exceptional fit. • Seams are glued and blind-stitched, making them more durable than the rubber itself. • 5mm GreenGoma #8 Rubber with Super Composite Skin for maximum buoyancy without compromising speed. • Shin cut high for easy fitting and removal. • Heavy duty drawstring waist allows adjustability. • Lined with 4-Way stretch Nylon Lycra® for comfort and to minimize chafing. • Can be worn alone or with any First Wave or Black Pearl Pullovers and Vests. • Sleek graphics, no gimmicks. • Sold as separates for a true customized fit. • Chlorine resistant treatment, but not recommend for repeated use in chlorinated water. Made for swimmers and triathletes who: • have a weak kick and want maximum hip floatation. • overheat easily in other wetsuits. PLEASE BE AWARE: we created this bottom to avoid overheating in races where the water is warmer than 68 degrees. This is due the water entering between the top and the bottom at the waist. It does not cause any drag (if the drawcord is tightened) so you do not swim any slower. So if you are looking for maximum warmth we recommend the bibjohn. If you are comfortable in cooler waters the Speedtube is amazing. Whether you like to swim for exercise or are on the swim course of a Triathlon, T1 Wetsuits offer you speed, comfort and buoyancy thet will make swimming pure pleasure!

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T1 Speedtube T1 Speedtube

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