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CRUNCHY PROTEIN by SPONSER® complements a protein-rich diet in a tasty and practical way. The protein bar combines an exceptional taste experience with functionality. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, a soft core is created, covered in the finest chocolate with a crunch effect. With a protein content of over 30%. And a high proportion of dietary fibres, the bar contains only a very low sugar content of less than 2 g. CRUNCHY PROTEIN is particularly suitable as a protein-rich, tasty snack on the go - suitable for everyday use as well as before and after sports. Protein helps build and maintain muscle mass and, together with fibre, provides good satiety. The protein bars are free of preservatives and available in two different flavours. Made in Germany.

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Crunchy Protein Bar Himbeere (25g) Crunchy Protein Bar Himbeere (25g)

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