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There is a lot of technology in the IKO® headlamp. It offers a luminosity of 350 lumens at a weight of only 90 g. Equipped with AIRFIT® headband, an extremely flat lamp body and a power source worn on the back of the head, the lamp sits comfortably on the head so that the user hardly feels it. power source, the lamp sits comfortably on the head so the user barely feels it. Multiple LEDs provide even light distribution for optimal viewing comfort. The IKO® comes with three batteries and, thanks to HYBRID CONCEPT, it is also compatible with the CORE battery. It offers versatile application possibilities and can also be can be hung around the neck or converted into a lantern in its carrying pouch. It folds flat and can be taken along for all outdoor activities Ergonomics and comfort thanks to AIRFIT® headband (Petzl patent). Innovative, sleek design with a semi-rigid headband and ultra-slim lamp body. The power source is worn on the back of the head to distribute the weight of the lamp over the entire head and optimize comfort, so that the user hardly feels it. Water-repellent headband that does not absorb sweat or rain. Narrow headband reduces contact surfaces and improves air circulation during high-movement activities. Easy, quick adjustment at the back of the head. Lightweight and powerful: 350 lumens with a weight of 90 g. Multiple LEDs for uniform light distribution, Two different light cones (wide or combined) and multiple light levels for white light to meet different. requirements: Close range vision, locomotion and distance vision, Three light levels, quickly and easily accessible via a single switch. Versatile and easy to use: HYBRID CONCEPT: The IKO®, which comes with three batteries, is also compatible with the CORE battery. The lamp recognizes the energy source and adjusts the light output (IKO® with batteries = 350 lumens, IKO® with CORE battery = 500 lumens). Depending on the intended use, the lamp can be worn on the head, hung around the neck, placed on a table, attached to a on a table, attached to a tent pole or tree, etc. With the carrying case, the lamp can be converted into a lantern. Reflective elements on the back of the lamp to make the user easily visible in the dark. LED indicator of remaining energy when the lamp is turned on and off. Two LOCK functions to prevent accidental switch-on. Folds flat in a small pouch to reduce pack size. Compatible with all Petzl helmets. Luminosity: 350 lumens (ANSI FL1-STANDARD) Weight: 90g Light beam: wide or combined Operating options: 3 AAA/LR03 batteries (included) or CORE rechargeable battery (available as an accessory). Operating options: Alkaline batteries, Lithium batteries or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries Certification(s): CE Waterproof: IPX4 (weatherproof)

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