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The Sports Compression Sleeves Arm strengthen the muscles of the arms with comfortable compression. The compressive effect is based on medical standards, i.e. it decreases from the wrist to the upper arm. This promotes blood circulation. The musculature is better supplied with oxygen, remains more efficient and regenerates faster. The stimulated blood circulation also warms up the arm muscles quickly and is thus better protected against injuries. Unpleasant muscle vibrations in the bi- and triceps are reduced thanks to the compression, thus counteracting premature fatigue. The sleeves in the sporty design are available in pairs, are hard-wearing, breathable and extra soft at the elbow for greater wearing comfort. They are washable at 40°C and can also be tumble dried. To choose the right size, determine the circumference at the wrist, the circumference at the upper arm at the height of the armpit and the arm length from wrist to armpit. Material: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane Package contains 1 pair (2 pieces) - Benefit from more power, greater endurance and shorter recovery times - Improved blood circulation through medically effective compression that decreases from the wrist to the upper arm - Temperature and moisture regulating effect through breathable high-tech microfiber - Reduces muscle vibration in bi- and triceps - Extra soft elbow for extra comfort - Durable, robust product without pollutants

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Compression Sleeves Arm - kurz Compression Sleeves Arm - kurz

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