Compressport Under Control Quad

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The muscle groups of the upper leg are some of the largest, most powerful in the body. Designed to support quads and hamstrings during effort and recovery, the Under Control Quad sleeve has proven its efficiency at the highest level in trail running, triathlon, Champion League football and international rugby. In training and competition, the quick-drying fabric dampens vibrations up to 50%. This limits muscle damage, reduces pain and delays fatigue while reducing lactic acid build-up. The support provided by the 360-degree compression descreases the risk of injury and cramps. The sleeve also serve as support in case of slight weakness in the hamstrings. When worn for recovery, the sleeve reduces inflammation and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Our unique Waffle Effect technology improves lymphatic drainage and boost bloodflow for super fast toxin elimination. A hypo-allergenic, non-irritating silicone band prevents the quad sleeve from sliding down while the breathable microfibre fabric ensures it never feels heavy or sweaty round the leg. Whether you're into running, cycling or team sports, the Under Control Quad sleeve will bring you a new level of freshness.

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