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Some of our runners asked about the advantages of our compression sleeves combined with the advantages of our Pro Racing Socks. Now we can fulfill this wish! The soft, knitted fibres of the Full Socks Run offer the working muscles targeted compression for optimum support during road, track or trail sessions. Muscle damage is reduced thanks to the damped vibration, delaying fatigue so you can keep your focus on your running step for longer. Even in wet conditions, the socks offer a wonderfully light running feel thanks to the ventilation zones woven directly into the fabric. Our 3D.Dot technology absorbs shock, protects sensitive areas such as the Achilles tendon and improves circulation thanks to micro-massage. It also guarantees excellent foot support in the shoe and reduces the risk of overheating and blisters caused by excessive slipping in the shoe. The integrated Arch Support prevents twisting of the fabric and provides reassuring stability in rocky terrain, while the stretchy fibers in the toe area provide enough room for the toes to stretch naturally on impact, allowing for instinctive, fluid walking. The white compression stockings with cooling effect can also be worn before activity to promote circulation and prepare muscles and mind for the effort. From the Boston Marathon to the trails of Mont Blanc, choose the Full Socks Run for protection, a stylish look and top performance.

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